Percussion Secrets - Learn Percussion from a professional percussionist

Finally, a way to learn essential skills for playing Congas and Percussion

Just a few hours of concentrated practice and learning with these lessons you'll be sounding like a percussion professional; even if you've never touched one of these instruments before!

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If you're a Drummer, a Singer, or any Musician who wants to improve your skills, or a music teacher who wants to know more about the area of percussion, then I urge you to find out more about how my percussion secrets training will help you to:

  • Learn and successfully execute every time essential sounds and playing techniques for conga and bongo drums
  • Know how to make hand percussion instruments sound good - so that you perform like a professional percussionist on stage
  • Know where and how to use percussion so that it is tasteful and adds a new dimension to your music
  • Fast track your way to years worth of knowledge and experience playing percussion, even if you've never touched one of the instruments before!

Percussion Secrets is an online learning course designed to do just one thing:

To help YOU sound like a professional on percussion.

Percussion is an often mis-understood field.

Did you know that studios often hire specialists to lay down the tambourine track?

Did you know that to play the congas effectively in a group situation requires exactly the right sounds and playing techniques – otherwise you can just end up with sore hands and not being heard at all?

There are loads of websites and instructional programs out there that can help you learn drums, but very few that show you the basics of how to play percussion.

The few websites and videos I could find to demonstrate hand percussion always seem to concentrate on making the presenter look good – rather than giving you real information that you can use in your band.

That's why in percussion secrets you won't see me showing off my skills – you'll simply get the "nuts and bolts" information you need to sound good on percussion, no matter if you're playing in a band, or teaching students in a school.

In Percussion Secrets you will learn:

  • How to play basic conga patterns that work in a rock or pop band
  • A great pattern that will work with bongos in a funk or rock song
  • The techniques for playing a rock tambourine so that it sits well in a band
  • The secrets of making a shaker groove consistent, so that it adds a new dimension to the sound of a group
  • How and where to use percussion in pop ballads so that it is tasteful.

Percussion Secrets is a private members website with video lessons and play along tracks in different styles

All the training video are presented here in an easy to use format so you can access them within minutes of your order, plus there is a wealth of other resources for you to use and enjoy.

In the tracks included with this program you'll be able to see the full performance on video, and then I'll discuss what I did and why – so you'll know how to adapt them into your performance situation.

You'll get:

1. Full performance on video
2. Explanation of the track on video
3. "play along" track without the percussion part, and track with percussion playing
4. Bonus – Videos showing multiple percussion instruments working together (see Super bonus #1 below)

The tracks included with Percussion Secrets cover all these styles:

* Pop Ballad
* Rock Ballad
* Fast Pop/Rock
* Funk - Rock
* Latin - Cha Cha
* Latin - Bossa Nova
* Latin - Samba
* Shuffle and Swing

The audio tracks feature easy to use, easy to navigate flash buttons, PLUS you get downloadable mp3 files to use with your portable media player.

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Easy to Navigate Videos, Access from Anywhere

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A free sample Lesson

Click on the button below and you'll be able to access a free sample lesson from the percussion secrets members area, showing you the techniques for performing some patterns on Guiro.


Plus you also get....

Bonus #1

Ensemble Performance Split Screen Videos

One of the challenges with percussion is knowing what instruments will go with what, particularly if you are directing singers and other musicians, or laying down multiple tracks in the studio.

In Percussion Secrets we decided to include four bonus recordings of the Jam tracks, with split screen views showing how each of the instruments works together.

Here is a short example:

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Bonus #2

10 variations on the standard conga beat

The standard 4/4 Time Conga Pattern - commonly called the "Tumbao" is comprehensively covered in the conga drum lessons within this course. When we were putting the finishing touches to this program we thought...

What else can be useful to anyone wanting to master their conga and percussion playing?

The answer was simple. What you need to be effective on congas (and keep yourself from becoming really "stuck in a rut", playing the same thing over and over again) is a "cheat sheet" of patterns. Thats why we decided to record ten variations of the basic conga pattern, that you can listen to fast and slow, print out and refer back to whenever you feel you need some more inspiration.

library of conga beats screenshot


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And if after three months you're not 100% satisfied, then all you have to do is contact the customer service staff at the Fun Music Company, and we'll issue you with a complete refund.


So for less than the cost of a couple of just one private lesson, you can have access to all these lessons for life... and you'll be able to refer back to them time and time again if you need a "refresher" on your skills.

A private lesson with anyone who knows percussion is going to cost you at least $50 per hour, and you won't even learn half of the skills that are included in Percussion Secrets.


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If you are serious about learning to play congas, bongos or improving your sound on percussion, then this program can really help you! Even if you have never played before you'll be able to get started and enjoy learning to play percussion instruments with this course.

So, if you want to:

  • Learn essential skills on Conga and Bongo drums
  • Know the basics of all hand percussion instruments
  • Learn how to produce great sounding live percussion for your band tracks
  • Gain an understanding of how percussion instruments work

Then you owe it to yourself to get started now and join the growing number of musicians who have taken this opportunity to improve their knowledge of percussion with this course.

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Enjoy your Drumming,

Tim Irrgang, Author of Djembe Secrets

Tim Irrgang
Percussionist and Author of Djembe Secrets & Percussion Secrets

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